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King of the Wild Things

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable little boy and his parents. The theme of his cake smash was inspired by the children's book "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Mom made him a furry tail and had a little yellow crown to go along with his "Wild One" t-shirt. Everything was in place, and we were ready to go! If only mom and I knew how prophetic this theme would end up being!

This little wild one started his session off great with lots of energy and curiosity! Unfortunately he was just a little too interested in his surroundings and not his smash cake. He took a few tastes but was quickly distracted by all the interesting things to explore, just like a true Wild Thing!

The whole session was spent trying to get the wild one a little more interested in his smash cake, and a little less interested in the leaves and twigs on the floor around him. I have never in my life met a little one who preferred to chew on leaves rather than delicious birthday cake!

By the end of the shoot, this adorable little wild one was sweaty and sleepy from his exciting adventure, and just like Max from the story, he traveled home and went to sleep, leaving the Wild Things behind until the next adventure.

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